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RK Meroitic - Hieroglyphic & Demotic:

Historical: The inhabitants of the imperium of Meroe (on the ground of Ethiopia) were the first people to use a letteral script. The signs for this script they took from the Egyptians - the Hieroglyphics (they did not use all the many hundreds of Hieroglyphics, but selected just 23 of them). They used two different scripts: Hieroglyphics and Demotic (compare it with our printed and written scripts!!!)

NOTE: With this font you do not get a font to write the Egyptian Hieroglyphics, although they look similar (but are much more).

The Font: The 23 letters of the alphabet are (as far as possible) assigned to the keys according to their phonetic value. The uppercase and lowercase letters look the same, all the keys which are not assigned create the word separator.

The Files: The files md_tab.doc and mh_tab.doc show in a list all the signs of the font together with their ANSI-Code and the according sign in Times New Roman. md_lay.doc and mh_lay.doc show the keyboard-layout and mero_dem.ttf and mero_hie.ttf contain the fonts.

Table of Signs:

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