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RK Ugaritic:

Historical: When some Archeologists dug in the ruins of Ras Schamra in the north of Syria, they found the ruins of a palace with a huge archive of texts in Ugaritic script. The commercial center Ugarit is situated at the edge between western-eastern and northern-southern cultural trends. Of all the scripts of the Near East the cuneiform script was the most important and so it is no wonder, the Ugaritic script is also a cuneiform script. The cuneiform script - originally used as syllabic script - lost this syllabic character in the Ugaritic script, which is a mere letteral script, containing of 30 letters. The Ugaritic cuneiform are interesting, because they show that a cuneiform script suits all the requirements to serve as a letteral script.

The Font: Because the Ugaritic alphabet contains 30 different signs, uppercase and lowercase letters look different.

The Files: The file ug_tab.doc contains a complete table of all the signs together with their ANSI-Code, ug_lay.doc the keyboard-layout and the file ug_signs.doc contains information about the assignment of the keys and about all the available signs. Ugaritic.wri contains a short text in Ugaritic script and the file ugaritic.ttf contains the font.

Table of Signs:

The first syllable in each field is the Transcript of the sign, which is on second position. Afterwards comes the key, with which you can type the letter:

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