Other interesting projects by me:

VirtueMart (2012-...)
Joomla-based e-Commerce system. Several contributions by me, including fully configurable invoice layouting. I also develop several plugins for VirtueMart.
LilyPond (2007-2013)
The GNU music typesetting application. I am responsible for most of the MusicXML import functionality, as well as many core features and tweaks.
KOrganizer (2002-2005)
Maintainer of the calendar and schedulling application of KDE
KPilot conduits (2002)
KPilot is KDE's PalmOS handheld sync application. I rewrote the calendar, todo and addressbook conduit, and wrote a time, AvantGo and PalmDoc conduit from scratch.
CSSSave` package for Mathematica 4 (1999):
A package for Mathematica 4 that extends the HTMLSave command to also convert colors, spacing and borders. Download version 1.0 from its homepage.
Mathematica in formal methods (B. Aichernigg and R. Kainhofer, 1998/99)
A package to use Mathematica in formal methods (for specifying and validating software). I provide functions and syntax to use the VDM-SL language with Mathematica. This package was also presented at a NASA congress in 2000. Download the whole package from its homepage.
M@th Desktop by Deltasoft mathematics (1998 - 2015)
Mathematica Notebooks for easily learning Maths (especially the things you learn in high school). I worked together with R. Simonovits, C. Giraldo and some other enthusiastic guys.
Summer Internship at Wolfram Research (1998)
During summer vacation 1998 I worked for Wolfram Research, Inc, the makers of the famous Mathematics software Mathematica, in Champaign, Illinois.
Maths & Fun (1997)
Mathematica Notebooks to be used in Mathematics lessons in High school. I wrote the setup program for the CD-ROM (which was created by Simonovits, Wilding, et al.)
RK Ancient Fonts (1997)
FREE TrueType Fonts for Windows for ancient languages (Sanskrit, Oldgreek with accents, Oldpersian cuneiform etc.) Download them from their homepage!
Super Mind (1995)
A shareware game (a MasterMind version for windows). In my opinion (and not only in my opinion) better than many commercial programs.
Vaccination PRO (1993)
Vaccination planer for windows, including a database with the most common vaccinations etc. This program coded by M. Lacher and R. Kainhofer won the 2nd prize of the Austrian youth programming competition in 1993.
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